Saturday, May 31, 2008

Losing My (Artistic) Edge

I think it was Goethe who said: "He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds trust in his hairstylist".

Wait, there's no such quote? Damn. That would have made such a great opener. All right, let's start all over again.

New England 1, Midwest 0. In the ongoing battle for cultural superiority, that is the latest score.

The reason, of course, is "The Artistic Edge" hair salon's recent relocation from Chicagoland, Illinois to Framingham, Massachusetts (79 Main St, Suite 103).

An exquisite skill with the blade
It has been my pleasure—and that of the entire Brumpelstiltskin blogging troupe—to be a confident client of The Artistic Edge for seven gloriously stylish years. Never had MC Gallagher let someone trim his unibrow, nor Greenspanke his neck hair, until we met Jen, the salon's founder and ace stylist, whose skill with the blade makes Sweeney Todd look like the Dabbling Barber of Geek Street.

Those who knew her as a young prodigy agreed that Jen was born to do hair—that it was in her blood—and many questioned if formal training would even be necessary. But the finest education she would receive: first under the tutelage of her grandma (herself an accomplished hair stylist); and later through the 1500-hour program of world-renowned cosmetology academy, Pivot Point International. Thus equipped with a first-rate fusion of nature and nurture, Jen graduated from Pivot Point in 2001. Soon after, the Artistic Edge was born.

While the salon offers a range of advanced services (e.g., color, highlights, lowlights), personally I’ve always received the traditional men’s cut. That said, there’s nothing traditional about Jen’s approach even to this basic service, which creatively combines a firm grasp of current popular trends with an instinctive awareness of individual wants and needs. Click here for an exclusive
Mic’s Tape-sponsored coupon offering first-time clients a 20% discount off any of Jen’s services—which also include updo’s for special occasions (sample updo, above right).

Chairside manner par excellence
But besides being a master of her craft, Jen’s personality and demeanor—not to mention the salon itself (
pictured above and below)—place The Artistic Edge among the most comfortable and inviting of salon atmospheres. Indeed, she’s the kind of stylist you suspect could have won the friendliest superlative in her high school yearbook.

I did not fully appreciate this latter point until Jen’s relocation left me in need of a replacement, and forced me down the street to the neighborhood Cost Cutters. "God, how many cowlicks do you have?" the stylist inquired as I sat down, thus launching a steady barrage of insults and barbs far sharper than the shears she would use to massacre my once-magnificent mane. “Do you even use conditioner?” she continued, a look of disgust on her face, before exclaiming: "Ugh, your hair is getting all over me"!

The contrast could not have been more profound. Like Shakespeare's Lear, cast overnight from kingly castle to forbidding tempest, I entered Cost Cutters expecting the royal treatment, but left feeling (and looking) like a Pumpkin Pie Haircutted Fool.

In the wake of such experience, it is with great zeal that I call upon New Englanders everywhere to capitalize on the glamorous gift that has landed in your midst. Trust one who knows: a salon combining a time-tested, hair-designing prowess with client-focused personality is a rare commodity to be cherished. So get thee with haste to The Artistic Edge, my friends, for a planeload of chic-deprived Midwesterners will be right behind you!

Mike-Michael (
pictured left, before his first visit to The Artistic Edge) will look like this once more if he doesn't book himself a ticket to Boston ASAP.


axe said...

The buzz is the only way to go now that you lack a creative hair genius. It is quick and easy and no one can mess it up. It also allows for long periods between cuts which is light on the pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jen in February and it was the best hair experience I've had yet. What I value in a stylist is confidence -- and Jen conveys that she knows the trade and trends. She truly listens to what you ask for & adds her own creative twist.

Unknown said...

Mike...this is your Mimi. This blog is terrific. Jen did my hair and I look 30 years younger. You and Jenny make me so proud. I love you. Forever, Mimi. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

For any of you Bostonians??? looking for some happy hair strands again Jen is the girl for the job. I am a fellow stylist from chicago and know from my own experiences how hard it is to find good talent.
Jen is one of the only people that I have been able to get to give a great cut and color consistently in a long time and know she's gone. My strands have not been cut since march. Which is about when she left.
So do take advantage of that very generous coupon and start being able to wake up w/ a great hair day everyday.

Anonymous said...

I have had my hair done by many other stylists, but Jen has been my go-to girl for over 6 years now. Not only is she a wonderful hairstylist, but a great friend to me. Every time I had my hair done by her, it turned out exactly how I wanted it, without needing to even give Jen direction. I never realized how lucky I was having her living near me, and now that she is in Mass. I am left without my stylist, and a friend.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the way you spend years going to different hairdressers trying to get it just right? Search no further because here is Jennifer Brumm, the owner of The Artistic Edge!

Jennifer Brumm, the owner of The Artistic Edge in Framingham, Massachusetts is the most fabulous hairdresser east of the Mississippi River. Seriously, I can’t recommend Jen highly enough and the words in this testimonial do no justice for the level of talent Jen possesses and brings to the table in her artistic trade that she was destined for.

I first used Jen as a stylist the summer after she graduated from high school. Even though Jen lacked formal training, she was already known around the Boston area as being one of the best stylists around. So, after a disastrous episode with a trusted hairdresser who I was using for years, my hair was totally butchered. I made an emergency phone call to Jen begging for her help. Jen turned out to be my savior!

It is now 12 years after the first appointment I ever had with Jen and I have to admit that the best cuts, styles, and highlights I have ever received came from the golden scissors of Jennifer Brumm!

The best part about Jen and The Artistic Edge Salon is when I just want a trim, she does it. When I want a bit of a change, she does it. A week after every single cut my hair magically falls into exactly the places I want it too! I am honestly saying that I have never received a bad cut and color from Jen. Even though I am vague sometimes in telling Jen what I want done to my hair, she always knows what will work and she just gets it right every time! It’s not like you expect them to be psychic, but maybe the best hairdressers have a little psychic streak in them!

Another great thing about Jen and the Artistic Edge is that I always get an appointment when it suits me. I relocated to Philadelphia, but travel to Boston every couple of weeks. Jen always makes time for me when I am in town and she will even keep her salon open until 11pm at night or even open it up early on a Sunday morning if need be.

Jennifer Brumm is the Tiger Woods of the salon world. If you decide to give Jen and The Artistic Edge a try, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Trust me when I tell you that you will never want anyone else to touch your hair ever again!

Thank you for your expertise and perfectionism!


Adam F. Porter
AP Enterprises, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Without question Jen does an amazing job as a stylist. My wife has never liked my hair until I went to the artistic edge to get my hair done. Jen cut my hair many years ago while in high school, then proceeded to move to Chicago. I must say I for one am very happy she is now back to help all of us with our hair woes. I also feel bad for those in Chicago that have lost a great Stylist and friend.

Anonymous said...

Jen is an amazing stylist and person. I am extremely particular about my hair and the only person I trust is Jen. At the artist edge you always feel welcome and like family. Jen is always flexible to work around your schedule. She is always willing to stay late to accommodate my busy schedule. Jen is a perfectionist. Jen's only concern is that you leave happy with what you want. Jen is amazing at knowing what style or color will work the best for your personality and style. She is professional, intelligent, hilarious, extremely friendly and courteous. I have been friends with Jen for more than 10 years, and I have never know anyone more dedicated to her profession. She has become like a sister to me. My wife also uses the artistic edge to enhance her beauty and to enjoy good company and a great laugh. Simply put Jen is the BEST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen is an amazing hair stylist & colorist! I went to Jen after an extremely bad hair cut from another stylist (who I went to before Jen moved to MA)...I was very upset and in desperate need of someone who could fix a terrible cut and who understood exactly what I wanted. Luckily, Jen came to my rescue! She made me feel very comfortable, told me exactly what she could do to fix my hair and I completely trusted her. She did a wonderful job and turned a bad cut into an great style! I was truly amazed by her work. Jen is a great colorist as well. She is confident and creative with her color, which is why I always leave the color decisions to her - I can trust that I will walk out of her salon completely thrilled with my hair. Jen truly creates a work of art with her client's hair!

Karen said...

I have been a client of Jen Brumm for seven years.

I had changed stylists several times over the course of the past 30 years. I came upon Jen at a Klips for Kids. She was working for a salon specializing in children and she primarily took care of the parents. I was fortunate to have brought my daughter for a hair cut and find someone for myself, too.

Jen moved into a salon of her own. I followed her. She bought a house with accommodations for her to work from her home. I followed her again.

People have God-Given talents. Jen’s abilities as a stylist span far beyond just doing hair. She understands her customers. She listens to her customers. She gives her customers what they really want. She has amazing styling abilities. Her color techniques are second to none.

I will continue to be a client of Jen no matter where she lives.

Karen Wilkens
Schaumburg, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Since I can remember I have never really been happy with my hair. It was just there on my head not doing much for me. I had a crew cut real short or shaved off completely. I even more often that not cut it myself to save having to go somewhere to have it done. I didn't really give it much thought and assumed for the rest of my life I would have the high and tight fade, or wear a hat.

Well, all done with that. I started having Jennifer cut my hair just over a year ago. I let her do whatever she wanted with it. Thinking in the back of my mind if I hated it I could shave it off later. However that was not the case, not only did I love it I even found myself buying hair product later that evening. My hair style has become a big part of my image and boosted my self confidence, no question.

I now look forward to getting it cut and not just because I leave looking great, because of Jen herself. Jen is incredibly easy going, warm and funny. I can only relate the experience to reading a good book. You wish it wasn't over when you get to the end.

I'm proud to call Jen my hairdresser and my friend.

Anonymous said...

Jen is a great Stylist! I've been in the Biz for 26 years and I love the way Jen would cut my hair! She is greatly missed since she moved to Mass. and I live in Chicago!

Kelly said...

Jen is a fabulous stylist! I live in MA and have even made time on a business trip to Chicago to stop and get my hair done with Jen. I'm so glad that she has moved back to MA! I've been in search of a good hairdresser ever since Jen left and can finally stop my search now that she is back. Jen knows just how to style my hair so that it falls right into place every day!

Anonymous said...

Jen Brumm is the most confident hair stylist I know. I've been friends with Jen for 12 years and I've only had the opportunity to have my hair cut and colored twice by Jen. Both times I was extremely happy. I wish we lived closer because if we did I would go to Jen each and every time. She is confident, creative, and listens to what you want. I had my hair colored this past summer from Jen and it looked amazing. I've never been able to explain to a hair stylist what color blond I want and Jen got it! The great thing about Jen is she is a warm, caring person, and she truly cares about her clients on a personal level too. You will not only get a great hair cut and color but you'll get to meet a truly amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave my name. I'm the last person who commented but it showed up as anonymous.

Jaime Jankowski-long time friend of Jennifer Brumm!

Anonymous said...

Jen is an outstanding stylist. She continually displays a natural talent in cutting and highlighting hair. My hair is very fine and difficult to style as proven by other stylists in the past. Jen has the knowledge to style and color my hair in a way that makes my hair look fuller and healthier. She never rushes or takes shortcuts and she takes pride in every job she does. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Jen Brumm has been doing my hair for the past 4-5 years and I consider her work on my hair the best ! I get compliments all the time, and on the one or two occasions that Jen was not available (I live in Chicago), I went to someone else. Yes, they did an “Okay job”, but never as great as Jen’s work, and no compliments !!

My blonde highlights are the focus of my haircut and she has changed the way I look and feel with a new updated look for me. I’m a mom and old enough to be a grandmother, but Jen always makes me feel so young when I leave her shop. I miss her tremendously and have had to settle for someone else here in the Chicago area on occasion.

She is always working to stay current with the new looks and had a huge clientele here in Chicago. I used to have to make my appointments one month ahead of time. You would be very lucky to have Jen work for / with you. Feel free to call me and I will praise her again and again!! 847-618-7567 work


Gail Michi

Administrative Accountant

Northwest Community Hospital

Arlington Heights, IL

Anonymous said...

Jen is truly the best! I have been going to Jen for 2 years now, and she is so amazing, in so many ways. She really takes the time to listen to what you want. One of the things that amazed me was the first time she cut my hair. I showed her some pictures of how I wanted my hair, and she told me my hair wouldn't turn out like the picture because of my colics and texture of my hair. Even though I was disappointed that I couldn't have the hairstyle, I was so greatful to Jen for telling me. I can't tell you how many times I showed a hairstylist a picture, they would cut it, and would look terrible and not like the picture at all! Jen would work with me and she really understands what you want. She is so stylish and creative too, sometimes I would tell her to do whatever she wanted. It always turned out really great. I have recommended her to quite a few people and they all loved their hair. What else can I say about Jen? She is the best at hair; cuts, coloring, styles, you name it. She is a perfectionist when it comes to hair. Jen is so sweet, I really miss her(I'm from Chicago)!

Anonymous said...

Jen Brumm has being doing my hair since 2004. It took me so long to find someone with her talent. She has such creativity and knows hows to keep up with the latest trends and make each individual so happy..I own a Salon in Chicago, and Jen did the majority of my clients hair and she is the only stylist that is missed.. Beth 847 721 4445

Anonymous said...

Jen is the greatest hairstylist ever!! She is the only one who has ever given me a haircut that I didn't need to grow into. Meaning, it looks good as soon as she cuts it, I don't have to wait for it to grow a little. She seems to instinctively know what I want even when I sometimes don't! She takes the time to get it just right and makes sure that I think its just right too. It's almost like she's cutting her own hair - that's how much she cares.

Anonymous said...

I had my first hair cut by Jen Brumm back in August and the comments have been non stop. I work as a Director for BNI and as Residential Realtor in Weston so I interact with people everyday, and the way I look is really important.
Jen has done wonders for me. I hate to admit but like many men my age my hair is starting to thin, and she is able to cut my hair in a fashion that makes it look thicker. I have had so many positive comments.

Jen Brumm is truly an artist and I know the folks in Chicago are bummed to lose her, but here on the East coast a treasure has been found. I highly recommend Jen to everyone I meet and recently told my dad to make an appointment with her.

Good luck Jen and See you next month.

Tom Matthews

Anonymous said...

It is a cloudy and rainy day in Chicago as the week begins and I need a haircut...but wait, my long time friend and hair stylist Jen Brumm Brumm is nowhere to be found. She has been stolen by the state of Mass. and I hope they know and appreciate the gem they have received from the state of Illinois. With skills of a Master Stylist and the demeanor of caring Professor, all that come in contact with Jen are truely blessed. Not only by her kindness, but also her attention to detail and customer satisfaction make the experience a delight always. Miss u mucho in Chicago. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I was referred to Jen by a friend of mine who knew her before she moved to Chicago. I was one of her first clients here in MA, and I cannot say enough good things about her work (and not to mention her great attitude and commitment to her clients). I am VERY picky about my hair. I used to watch my other hairdressers and comment the whole time I was in the chair, I never trusted my hairdressers. Now, I'm very different, I just sit down tell Jen what I want and She'll spin the chair around so I can't see in the mirror and work her magic. I have never left The Artistic Edge without a smile on my face. I’m so happy she has relocated to my area, and I love that I get compliments on my hair now!

Krissy Santucci
Client/ Friend of Jennifer Brumm

Anonymous said...

Jen has mastered the craft of hairdressing and styling. She's a true talent with a keen sense of style and immaculate detail. I highly recommend her for all your hair needs - cut, color, styling....she will transform you to your very best. Bravo Jen!

Kristin Morseman
Gucci Group

Anonymous said...

Jen just recently moved back to Massachusetts and I am so grateful she has. When she was in Chicago I always said to her "If only you lived here I would have you take care of my hair." Now that she is back I have gone to see her twice to get my hair done. She has done an amazing job. I recieve numerous compliments after the haircut and I leave the salon feeling beautiful and more confident because of the fabulous job she does. I reccomend her to all my friends and I am so thankful she is back!
From Kristy

Anonymous said...

Jen is an incredible stylist! I have searched for years and no one ever seemed to "get it right". I was searching for a new stylist and my chiropractors hair always looked amazing. Guess who her stylist was, Jen Brumm.

From the very first time I went to Jen she did exactly what I wanted and is always a perfectionist. I was a stylist in a previous life, so I'm very picky with my hair. I have naturally curly hair so it's not the easist to find a great stylist. And Jen is!!!! I was so disappointed when she moved to MA and I'm forever grateful that she's returning to Chicago to do hair every couple of months. I didn't realize how off my hair was, until Jen came back and saved the day!! I always have people complimenting me on my hair, usually at least once a day. It's all thanks to Jen!

Really, I cannot say enough great things about what an incredible stylist she is! I definitely would not have the incredible hair that I have if not for Jen!

Anonymous said...

Jen is an amazing stylist! Jen has cut my hair several times and each time she does an amazing job! I was so excited to hear she was moving back East and could now cut my hair. I fully trust her with my hair and am comfortable knowing she will also do her best! She has a true passion for cutting hair. Her salon is very warm and welcoming and she very accommodating to my hectic schedule. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Jen to cut my hair!

Anonymous said...

Jen has been my stylist for the past five years. Jens amazing talent has truly transformed my look. As a now 40 something, I truly feel like a 20 something. I came to Jen with nothing more than a wish for a trim and an open mind.
Right from the beginning I knew I could trust her professionalism. After my first experience with Jen, I never had to give her direction. She always asked my opinion on her ideas and I always went with it. being the perfectionist that she is, I've always left Jen with a complete, finished, every hair in place, style that I could truly take out on the town. We've really progressed from my boring short brown hair to a truly fabulous highlighted longer hair style. I'm always receiving compliments. Jen is certainly become more than just a stylist, she's truly become a valued friend. Thanks for your creativity and expertise!

Anonymous said...

What can be said about Jen? She is the best! She has cut my hair and my daughters hair for a while now. Before going to Jen, my hair was "nothing special". After going to Jen, I have gotten so many compliments on the cut and color. Jen is so professional and personable. She takes the time to get to know you and strives to give you what you want. She succeeds everytime. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her hair care. It's obvious she takes great pride with each and every cut she does. She's knowledgeable and professional. She is wonderful. Everyone needs to experience a hair cut with Jen in their lifetime!!

cccorso said...

Jen is amazing. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair. Her talent lies in knowing her client and designing a style unique to them. As a colorist she is exceptional. I had the misfortune of having to find a new stylist when Jen relocated. However, the new stylist has been able to" mimic" Jen's color and cute pretty well. It's not the same but she had a great base to begin with. I miss my stylist and friend and encourage everyone ,man,woman, and child to take advantage of her talent.

Anonymous said...

Jen has been doing my hair since she was in school (2002). She even did my hair for my wedding. I couldn't imagine going to someone else, but in February of this year she moved to Boston. I was devastated. I didn’t want to go to anyone else. She always knew what I wanted to do with my hair even when I didn’t. Her creativity was always something I admired. I would give her a small idea of what I was looking for and she would turn it into perfection! When she moved, I was unable to find another stylist to go to. Not only was there a trust issue, I just knew I would be disappointed. I went from getting my hair done every 6 weeks to letting it go completely. I was a mess!! Then in July she announced she would be making trips back to Chicago to do hair. I was so excited!!! She has an amazing talent. She is detail oriented and very patient. When she does color she gets it right at the root…that’s skill!! You can show her a picture from a magazine and she does exactly what you are looking for. It’s hard to find a hairstylist that you can trust and that does it perfect every time. Thank goodness I did. Thanks for everything Jen!!

Amy Rolewicz
Addison, IL

Anonymous said...

My search for hair perfection has ended thanks to Jen at Artistic Edge. She is the one and only to "get it right". It seems no matter how I explained what I wanted, the salonist did their own thing...much to my dismay! Hey, it only took me 50 (well almost) years to find Jen. Now I take myself, husband, son and grandson to see her. Thanks Jen...I LOVE MY HAIR!

Anonymous said...

What can I say about Jen...she is absolutely wonderful!!! I miss her so much! Since moving to the Chicago area, having someone cut my hair had not been a pleasant experience. I had given up hope. We took our son to Jen for his very first haircut. She did a great job, was very friendly and my son loved her. I decided to give Jen a try too. That was one of the best decisions ever!!!! I left the style up to Jen. She worked her magic and I walked out with an amazing style and color. I was so excited. Did I mention that she is the absolute best when it comes to color!!! My hair looked the best it had ever looked and I had finally found a stylist to do my hair. My family and friends loved it. I have been going to her for several years now and I have always received the perfect style. I completely trust her and know that she is going to do a perfect job...I believe she is a perfectionist when it comes to hair.

Betsy said...

I moved to Illinois and continued to return to MN to get my hair done. I was afraid to try someone new, but finally a co-worker at work gave me Jen as a referral. I went to her and felt extremely comfortable upon our introduction. I showed her a picture of how i wanted my hair to be done. She said, "she liked the picture and knew exactly what to do." Jen did the makeover story on me. I was not able to look at myself in the mirror until she was totally finished with her "final" touches. I absolutely loved my new hairstyle and highlights. I continue to go to Jen when she is able to make herself available in Chicago. I receive many compliments at work on my cut and highlights.....compliments continue even after days of getting my hair done and by the same people. Jen has a unique way of making you feel confident in the chair and is a perfectionist with her work. You can tell she loves what she does and makes you very excited to see the outcome! Her highlights are amazing....

Unknown said...

When I need to look my best, I go to Jen because I know she'll come through and make sure I look great.

Anonymous said...

Jen completely turned my hair around. I had no style, imagination, or vision for my hair and Jen was able to give me that. I would get a cut and highlights/lowlights about every eight weeks. I always left it up to her to decide which way to go with the color and I loved it every time! She always takes her time to make sure it's done right and that I'm happy with it. I would get compliments for weeks on the color and style of my hair. I only found Jen about two years before she left me for Boston and I'm still sad. She can't be replaced and if possible I see her when she comes back to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Jen is, in one word, irreplaceable. Dictionary-dot-com defines this as "incapable of being replaced; unique" and if you've been lucky enough to have Jen work on your hair or, worse yet, unlucky enough to have her move away and stop, you know exactly what I mean.

I had a hairstyle that was older than most people on this blog which Jen transformed into a style that would be appreciated by everyone on this blog. She asked me to trust her that first day I sat in her salon chair two years ago and I've never had one second of regret since.

Thank you, Jen. Good luck in Boston (not that you'll need it) and if you ever decide to come back to Chicago...

Anonymous said...

I went to Jen for the first time yesterday after work. I have been looking for a hairdresser since I moved to MA in Feb. I finally found one! She made me feel comfortable the minute I walked in. I had no idea what I wanted for a haircut, but I knew I need a change. Luckily she knew exactly what to do and transformed my hair from a shapeless blob to a fashionable haircut that I am so proud to wear. Today at work I have received tons of compliments. I will definitely be going back to Jen for all of my haircuts in the future!

Anonymous said...

I have known Jen now for many years...She first did my hair here in Chicago when we both were working at a salon together. I have to say that she was absolutly amazing in every aspect! I have very complicated hair to work with and had gone through many hairstylist but after Jen it was perfect. She's not only extremely talented but a wonderful person. She never forgets a person and who they are. I recommend her to every person I know. Boston better appreciate what they have!!

Anonymous said...

Jen works magic with her hands! She can transform your worst hairstyle into a masterpiece! She gives you an honest opinion whether or not that certain hairstyle would look good on you. One of the wonderful things I love about her is that she takes the time (more if needed!) to make sure the job is done right! She will not let you leave her chair if it is not perfection!! Since she has moved to Boston I have only needed my hair cut once; and luckily she came back into town at the right time! I miss her and wish her the best wherever her life may take her!

Anonymous said...

After relocating to Boston, I began searching for the perfect salon. After trying several stylists in the Back Bay area, I found that they all fell short of my expectations. After my first appointment with Jenn, I knew she would be my new, permanent hair stylist.

It was during my last visit that Jenn's talent really "wowed" me. I have always wanted lighter highlights but having an olive complexion, I was resistant towards a drastic change. Jenn decided to give me carmel highlights which look natural and subtle. I immediately received several compliments from family, friends, and co-workers.

Not only does Jenn deliver consistent, flattering cuts, she provides great service to her clients. This is not your typical salon where your stylist is jumping back and forth between 3 clients. Jenn gives her undivided attention to each client, patiently helping them with their decisions.

I am so impressed with every visit to the Artistic Edge and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Anonymous said...

The past eight years I've spent getting my haircut at Super Cuts. Not surprisingly, I've walked away dissapointed time and time again. Recently, I got my notoriously lazy act in gear and went to the Artistic Edge, a salon close to where I work. Jen did such a good job with my hair that I left wondering why I didn't change sooner. Jen provides the complete package as a hair dresser. She listens, takes her time, and most importantly delivers great results. Long gone are the days of cow licks(trust me this is a very difficult feat!) I proudly give my endorsment to the Artistic Edge and Jen as a hairdresser. This endorsment may not have the same clout as Colin Powell, but I hope people listen to these comments on this blog. I promise if you go to the Artistic Edge you will not be dissapointed. I've been living with bad hair cuts for the past eight years and I decided to take a chance on a new haircut. That was the best decision I've ever made. I urge you to take that chance too. Go to the Artistic Edge!!

Anonymous said...

I first met Jen at my work, she walked in to pay her rent to my boss, Paul Flaherty. She left me a buisness card with a little bit of backround information. I imediately knew that she was going to be my new savior!!
See I had a really bad experiance at Dellaria's hair salon in the Natick Mall. I was trying to let it grow out, but i did not know how to style my "butched" hair cut. I decided to check out "The Artistic Edge" for help! For those who never been inside, as soon as you walk in you feel welcomed and comfortable. Jen understood how bad my last hair cut was. She was able to style it with what little I had left. By the second month my hair was growing out exactly the way i wanted to. My Second visit with Jen she was able to change my hair style to make it look more natural to my type of hair. I am a natural red head, with thick curl,wavy hair. Thank You Jen for making me feel more confidant with my new style!! I can not wait for my next visit!

Anonymous said...

i don't get to have an opportunity for jen to get her hands on my hair very often, but when i do, i LOVE it! SHE ROCKS!!! :-D

FOOD said...

I've had the same Newbury Street stylist for eight years and didn't think that I would ever leave - until I visited the Artistic Edge on a whim. I was most impressed my Jen’s clear knowledge of color. Jen took one look at my hair, listened to what I wanted, made a suggestion, and then was off to mix. My highlights came out perfectly and I felt at ease the entire time, knowing that I was in good hands. Jen also has amazing attention to detail. Though I was just getting a trim, Jen took the time to spruce up my layers (all the while makins sure they were right) and she gave me a great fresh from the salon blowout. Sometimes I've left salons feeling like I suddenly had big hair or would catch on fire if I walked near an open flame. This time I felt like me, only better. What's more, Jen is personable and has a great sense of humor. If she weren't so great with hair I think she would be a fabulous therapist!

Anonymous said...

Jen, the best... I LOVE MY HAIR.. you always do the most outstanding job and take such care to make sure each and every cut is precise. Such talent. You are a perfectionist on top of it. Congratulations on bringing "The Edge" to Massachusetts!!

Unknown said...

Jen Brumm is not simply a hair dresser, but an artist and personal stylist. Before meeting Jen, I had not had my hair professionally cut, styled, or colored in over a decade because I was afraid that i'd go home with a mess on my head (or something just utterly dull)!! Jen is the first person I've trusted to touch my hair with scissors or dye (besides myself!) since 1995! ~thanks Jen! I'm hooked!

Unknown said...

I feel ten years younger!!!
Xo Kisses !!!

Anonymous said...

I recently met Jen through a mutual friend and am overjoyed that my quest to find a stylist has finally come to an end. I've hit the Cost Cutters scene and the Newbury St. scene and was a day away from giving my boyfriend the green light on shaving my head when I got Jen's number. I figured my best friend would not appreciate a Britney Spears move two weeks before her wedding so I took a chance on a highly recommended guru in Framingham. Jen's bubbly personality and passion for her work pulled me out of my stuper and I'm thrilled with the result. I have had nothing but compliments from friends, co-workers, hell even my boyfriend noticed an amazing difference. I've never been so happy with my highlights and was grateful for the attention Jen paid to my fussy cut requests while still working in a stylish cut. There's nothing like walking out of a salon with a new do and a boost of confidence! Thanks Jen!

Erik said...

I came into Jen's salon not looking like Tom Brady and I left looking like Tom Brady. Gizelle and I have a date this weekend thanks to Jen.

Anonymous said...

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